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Currently we officially support Japanese language only.
For customers who do not understand Japanese,
we take orders from our Japanese website only in English as instructed below.
Please note that there are some limitations in the services we can offer due to our limited English support.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your cooperation.

*The limitations are:

1. Design template is not attached.  2. Logo printing is not available.  3. No international shipping of samples.

How to Order:

International Shipping -- Please read the following--

-----About international shipping -----
For international shipping, only EMS(Express Mail Service)is available.

Since customs clearance is required to ship any goods exceeding 200,000 yen in value overseas,
we take orders only up to 200,000 yen in total.

-----Customs duties, other taxes and fees-----
You will be charged customs duties and consumption tax depending on the amount and the quantity of the goods you ordered.
You may also be charged the customs clearance fee by postal administrations in the destination country.
Please note that such charges shall be borne by the customer.

-----If you did not receive your order-----
Laws and regulations differ from country to country,
and since we do not know all of them we cannot guarantee those goods confiscated and held at customs.
You are requested to confirm the laws and regulations in each country as well as the required permits in advance to avoid such situations.

If your order is returned to Japan due to banned / restricted products, non-existent address,
or because no one was available to accept delivery, we will not refund you if it is not the fault of us.
If you wish to have your order re-shipped, you will have to pay for the products and shipping charges again.

-----Cancellation policy-----
No cancellation is allowed once payment is received. Please note that no refund can be made.

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